Glass Mosaic Pattern Design Shop is a full service mosaic pattern, design and manufacturing studio based out of New York City. We specialize in glass mosaic tile, our work can be seen in homes, bars, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and various other retail spaces around the world. For custom designs or if you have any questions, please call us directly at 1 (212) 643-3333 or send us an email at


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  • Arabian Mosaic


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    Arabian Mosaic   This glass mosaic tile pattern is guaranteed to add a timeless richness to your home.   ...

  • Broken Mosaics


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    Broken Mosaics   Broken Mosaics are completely random and still completely customizable. Choose from any of our hu...

  • Bulb Mosaic Pattern


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    Bulb Mosaic Pattern   Hand crafted mosaic art cut in a bold pattern great for bathrooms and kitchens. This pattern...

  • Cabo Squares Mosaic Pattern


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    Cabo Squares Mosaic Pattern   Cabo squares was inspired by my trip to Cabo San Lucas. During the trip, we handcraf...

  • Confetti Leafs Mosaic Pattern


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    Confetti Leafs Mosaic Pattern   Add a touch of understated class to your home with this small glass mosaic leafs. ...

  • Devotion Mosaic Pattern


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    Devotion Mosaic Pattern   Handcrafted mosaic pattern that would look great in a bathroom or as a backsplash. &n...

  • Diamonds Mosaic Pattern


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    Diamonds Mosaic Pattern   Handcrafted cut mosaic glass inspired by marble setters and is fresh looking for any bea...

  • Feathers Mosaic Pattern


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    Feathers Mosaic Pattern   The feather mosaic pattern gives a very unique design while providing an endless design poss...

  • Folding Mosaic Pattern


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    Folding Mosaic Pattern   Hand cut mosaic pattern using a 3D effect in glass makes it look like it is abstract. ...

  • Helmet Mosaic Pattern


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    Helmet Mosaic Pattern   The helmet mosaic pattern is a unique looking tile pattern which will definitely have your...

  • Herringbone Mosaic Pattern


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    Herringbone Mosaic Pattern   The herringbone mosaic pattern is puzzle chic. These handmade striped beauties can be...

  • Ice Block Mosaic Pattern


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    Ice Block Mosaic Pattern   The Iceblock mosaic was designed for a retail chain and used on bar fronts. It's a patt...

  • Leafs Mosaic Pattern


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    Leafs Mosaic Pattern   The leafs mosaic pattern was inspired by the work that we did at the Wynn hotel in Las Vega...

  • Messy Mini Mosaic pattern


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    Messy Mini Mosaic Pattern   The Messy mini mosaic pattern is one of Lesley's most popular patterns. This non linea...

  • Mini Mosaics


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    Mini Mosaics   Mini mosaics are smaller than 1” x 1”, this pattern can be made with classic rough cut edge for...

  • Mosaic Agates


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    Mosaic Agates   Agates were created by a volcano millions of years ago, these sliced rocks inject nature into a co...

  • Mosaic Bamboo


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    Mosaic Bamboo   The Bamboo look is so familiar that even when made in wild colorways, it will remind the viewer th...

  • Mosaic Basketweave


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    Mosaic Basketweave   A beautiful handmade glass mosaic made in a pleasing basket weave pattern. Each piece fits in...

Displaying 37 - 54 of 54123