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Our glass mosaic patterns have been used to style hundreds of homes, bars, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and various other retail spaces around the world. For custom designs or if you have any questions, please call us directly at (212) 643-3333 or Email Us

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  • Off Grass Mosaic


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    Off Grass Mosaic   Created by Lesley, the off grass mosaic pattern is a messy hand cut linear mosaic pattern. &...

  • Mosaic Windowpane


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    Mosaic Windowpane   Windowpane is hand cut block art squares with larger windows of larger glass inset mostly in m...

  • Mosaic Wave


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    Mosaic Wave   The wavy grass pattern is the motion of the ocean in many shapes and colors. This pattern has the po...

  • Mosaic Tiki Blocks


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    Mosaic Tiki Blocks   Tiki Blocks are a hot new style that looks great in bright colors that accentuate the pattern...

  • Mosaic Sticks


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    Mosaic Sticks   Classic linear hand cut mosaic glass sticks that all have the same width cut to different lengths....

  • Mosaic Stardust


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    Mosaic Stardust   Mosaic stardust is an all hand cut mosaic pattern, no rulers free hand cutting too give this pat...

  • Mosaic Mod Squares


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    Mosaic Mod Squares   Inspired by the seventies, this mosaic tile pattern looks great as a full wall  in two color...

  • Mosaic Marbles


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    Mosaic Marbles   Hand made glass beads for floors or walls.    

  • Mosaic Grass


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    Mosaic Grass   Grass are unequal length pieces in a completely random interlocking pattern. This is a style that h...

  • Mosaic Fish Scales


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    Mosaic Fish Scales   Fish scales are a hand cut mosaic pattern that is circular on top and cone shaped on the bott...

  • Mosaic Deep Squares


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    Mosaic Deep Squares   3D bricks is an abstract glass tile that looks great in a smaller area the custom cut is act...

  • Mosaic Color Fades


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    Mosaic Color Fades   Fades are easily accomplished using any of our hundreds of mosaic colors – they can also be...

  • Mosaic Circles


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    Mosaic Circles   Circles are interlocking with glass filling the void in between individual circles reducing the ...

  • Mosaic Bricks


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    Mosaic Bricks   Bricks are a running bond that has been a standard for thousands of years breathes new life in gla...

  • Mosaic Block Art


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    Mosaic Block Art   BlockArt are modular and perfectly random squares and rectangles of all shapes and sizes – th...

  • 3D Brick Mosaic Pattern


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    3D Brick Mosaic Pattern   The 3D brick mosaic pattern gives a unique and elegant design to your room. This modern ...

  • Antique Mosaic Pattern


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    Antique Mosaic Pattern   An alluring blend of antique mirror in a truly captivating design, this elegant handmade ...

  • Animal Print Mosaic


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    Animal Print Mosaic   Animal prints are in style again, but were they ever really out? Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe, Ti...

Displaying 19 - 36 of 54123